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5 Hobbies to Further Inspire Your Photography Skills

5 Hobbies to Further Inspire Your Photography Skills

Occasionally it might be good for a photographer to put down the camera for a while and focus on a different type of creative process. All artists face the creative block and sometimes it is best to give our focus elsewhere so that we can get further inspired on the main job we are working on.

Writing a Journal

Writing a journal of your own will help you clear your mind from any disturbing thoughts and will free you in a way that you have never imagined before. 

You can simply write about anything you like from your memoirs of a fun shooting day or you just can simply share your feelings to yourself which you will find quite enlightening!

Grab a Musical Instrument

We all are aware of the fact that listening to music is one of the most entertaining things to do when we are alone. But grabbing a musical instrument and playing it can be a lot more refreshing.

If you do not own or play a musical instrument, it is no problem. Because for starters you can grab a second hand percussion instrument or a tambourine, play a favourite tune from your collection and start improvising to the song with your instrument. This is another way to clear your mind and the inspire you as a professional photographer.

Start a DIY Project At Home

A Do It Yourself project is another fun and creative way to spend your time indoors. Some perfect suggestions for indoor projects are,

  • Grabbing a furniture paint in your favorite color and painting old tables or chairs at home to give them a modern look.
  • Building up decorative objects out of clay. 
  • Making creative collages from your favourite photographs or polaroid pictures.

Building an Indoor Botanical Paradise

Have you ever considered looking after a variety of botanical plants at your house? 

Well, it is exactly the kind of thing that will energize and inspire you even further. Building a botanical corner and looking after them on a daily basis will keep your mind refreshed and clear, turning you into a more positive thinking person.

Besides, taking a walk beside your indoor green corner will calm you down, make you feel much more lively and joyful for sure!

Draw Anything You Want

Just grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper, sit on a comfortable chair and let the ideas flow from your mind to the paper through the magic of drawing!

When drawing, think about what your main object will be or where the light needs to come from just like when you are trying to take a nice photograph. If you are a nature photographer try to portray a landscape or if you are a portrait photographer you can focus on a human face. No matter what you are drawing you will find yourself in a much more relaxed state.