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6 Tips for Using a Camera Trigger with Sony a7II

6 Tips for Using a Camera Trigger with Sony a7II

The Sony a7II is technically not a newcomer in the photography world. When it was launched in 2014, it made waves because of its unique 5-axis sensor stabilization. The feature was heavily advertised to appeal to professional photographers who wished to maximize their camera’s potential while also ensuring that they can capture clean shots without blurs. Because of this neat feature and a relatively lower price tag than Sony’s higher-end models, the camera became a smart choice for photographers who wanted a bang for their buck. 

If you’re an owner of the Sony a7II and the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, we created this article to help you fully optimize your experience with the camera and a smart accessory. With a great camera on hand, combined with a sought after camera trigger, you can do so much more. Think of the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger as an investment for your creative endeavors. This accessory opens up more creative opportunities for you as a photographer, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional.

To practice the following tips, you will be needing the Sony a7II, the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, and a tripod at the minimum. Some of these tips may require you to have some DIY materials on hand, so be ready to be crafty! Here are some tips for using our best camera trigger with your Sony a7II:


high-speed photography

1. Use the MIOPS Smart+ as a shutter release cable.

Before getting into the more innovative uses of the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, let us get into the most basic use of all--use it as a remote release cable. The device can release your Sony a7II’s shutter in four different ways with the accompanying smartphone application. It has four modes: cable release, press and hold, press and lock, and timed release. As long as you have this device in your camera bag, you would not be needing an extra cable release.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


While this may be the easiest use of the camera trigger with your Sony a7II camera, it is also very useful. As an example, the press and hold mode can help you take continuous shots without having to press on your camera’s shutter button. This can remove potential shakes, and will also help you capture continuous movements of any subject-- whether you are taking pictures of kids running around or birds flying in your lawn.

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long-exposure photography


2. Take timelapse videos.

While the Sony a7II comes with an intervalometer, it can be difficult and confusing to set up. Here is where the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger also comes in handy. Its Timelapse Mode is flawless and easy to configure. You can use this mode to shoot a preconfigured number of photos that are evenly spaced from each other.

The timelapse mode can also be used with Sony a7II’s bulb mode to plan the length of exposure on the trigger. This helps you set exposures that are longer than your camera’s ability, which is capped at 30 seconds.

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camera trigger

3. Use the laser mode for high-speed movements.

While exploring the smart trigger’s mode, you may find it beneficial to try its laser mode. This mode instantly turns your Sony a7II into a high-speed capture device. It allows you to capture ultrafast movements that your camera cannot detect on its own.

The laser mode does require some planning and setting up. You will be needing a laser pen (any kind will do), which will be detected by the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. When the beam is broken by any movement, the camera will instantly take a photo of your subject. This feature can be very useful, especially if you want to foray into water photography or action photography.

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capture lightning photography


4. Capture lightning in a single photograph.

While the Sony a7II has amazing specs that can capture any subject, it will take a lot of guesswork to capture the sudden approach of lightning to the ground. Your MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger can help with this, thanks to its lightning sensors that can detect sudden changes in lighting. This feature is very useful for lightning photographers because it can take out the danger factor of shooting lightning strikes from their minds. This is because they can set up their camera in the best location and watch it capture the lightning strikes for them from a safe distance in their cars, or in the shade.

The trigger’s lightning mode is also very easy to set up and can be configured in terms of sensitivity. A general tip is to heighten its sensitivity if you’re shooting during the day since the changes in brightness can be subtle in the morning and afternoon. All you have to do is be aware of the storm seasons in your area, set up your Sony a7II, tripod, and the  MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger.

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trigger sound mode

5. Take advantage of the trigger’s sound mode.

Much like the lightning mode, the sound mode of MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger detects changes in volume in its environment. When a sound event happens, the trigger automatically fires the shutter to capture the critical moment. You can use this mode for shooting high-speed action shots with your Sony a7II. A fun way to experiment with this mode is to use bursting balloons with a DIY setup.  Add some variation into this by using great combinations of paint colors inside the balloons.

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firework photography

6. Experiment with the trigger’s scenario mode.

Explained in a nutshell, the scenario mode allows you to take advantage of the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger’s sensors according to your needs. You can use a combination of modes to follow a custom script that you can make in your smartphone device. You can use this during eventful moments like New Year’s Eve. An example is by creating a script that will capture a timelapse video of the day’s events, and shoot individual photos of the New Year’s firework show in your area simultaneously.

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Your Sony a7II is a sound investment to jumpstart your career in photography. Its features, combined with the great offerings of the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, can definitely help you with building your portfolio. It adds the much-needed variety in your collection, while also opening even more opportunities in your photography journey. Try out these tips and see what works for you!


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