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7 Reasons Every Photographer Should Own a Capsule360

7 Reasons Every Photographer Should Own a Capsule360

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast looking to push your creativity in new directions, or a professional looking to make your commercial shoots more efficient, the versatile Capsule360 motion box is set to become a must-own accessory.

With its initial Kickstarter campaign hitting more than 750% of its aim in 30 days thanks to over 1,000 backers, the Capsule360 has already won itself a passionate army of fans. Here are just a few of the game-changing features behind the buzz of this latest photography gadget:


1. It can track stars for out of this world astro images

Astrophotography has a reputation for being difficult and needing complex and expensive equipment – the Capsule360 aims to change that. If you’ve ever tried to capture star images before you’ll know that without specialist gear, long exposures can quickly result in streaky skies. This streaky effect can look pleasingly dramatic, but it also means that constellations become nothing but blur, and sharp frame-filling photos of single subjects further away than the moon are almost impossible. For clear and well-exposed images at faster shutter speeds, you’ll need to use both wide apertures and high ISO’s, which can quickly lead to damaging digital noise and frequent miss-focusses. With the Capsule360 mounted to a tripod and your camera attached, you can start photographing the night sky in a new level of unrivalled detail. The unit can be set to automatically track the motion of stars across the skies precisely, making the smooth required movements to your device to ensure super sharp star photos at much slower shutter speeds. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before!


2. It’s the perfect tool for 360 product photography

In the online age, product photography has never been more important. Showing items from every angle, 360-photography is one of the best tools web stores have to convey what a product is like to prospective customer. However, the precise angle turns of the item required for every shot, and the need for unchanging distance between it and the camera at all times means that this type of image creation can easily become the bane of a photographer’s life. The Capsule360 application and the Capsule360’s turntable accessory simplify the whole process. Just place the featured product in the centre of the turntable, select how many images you’d like to capture in the smartphone app, and the turntable will accurately rotate the required angle before the camera is automatically triggered. You’ll need up with the perfect set of 360 images, produced with minimal fuss.

product photography

3. It makes stunning motion time-lapses possible 

Everyone loves time-lapses, but traditionally, they’ve been pretty static affairs. Capsule360 and its app cannot only simplify and automate their capture, automatically triggering your device at regular intervals while maintaining total control over exposure and duration, but also gives you the option to bring a dynamic motion to your creations too, by smoothly moving your attached device shot-by-shot. The speed and direction of this camera movement can be fine-tuned, so that your time-lapse will begin and end just how and when you want it, revealing more of a location as it goes on, or gradually altering perspective for something far more gripping than the fixed time-lapses of old. With the advanced app, you can also take the strain out of adding advanced effects such as bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure, for time-lapse with an unrivalled impact.

4. It provides functionality for refined focus-stacked photos

If you want to produce images with unrivalled front-to-back sharpness, particularly of macro subjects, focus-stacking is the ultimate way to increase an image’s depth of field. Combined with the Capsule slider accessory, the Capsule360 can be set to automatically adjust a camera’s position fractionally before triggering it, for a perfect set of images taken at different focus distances. This will make the production of spectacular focus-stacked images which drip with detail a breeze for all users.

focus-stacked photos

Focus Stacking Photo – Taken by Greg Penner

5. It has a Multi-Row panorama mode 

Capture that breathtaking view in unrivalled resolution, width and height. The Capsule360’s Multi-Row Panorama mode will allow it to automatically adjust the attached camera accurately for the production of composite images that are almost unlimited in terms of their ratios, detail and angle of view. Just specify the criteria for the set of images you want to capture and let it faultlessly take them for you to combine back at home.



World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!


6. It makes Stop Motion Shooting a breeze

From Wallace and Gromit to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Stop-Motion photography has been behind some of the world’s favourite films. You don’t have to have a video camera to produce amazing videos! An inbuilt shooting mode will now allow Capsule360 users to take the strain out of producing their own masterpieces.

7. Its design is super portable 

Despite all of its functionality the Capsule360 weighs a mere 250g and is only 105mm at its longest dimension. This makes it ideal for packing into a kitbag and taking out to every location you visit. The Capsule360’s powerful built-in rechargeable battery will last at least 8 hours of continuous use in most modes, and for up to one week when capturing time-lapses, meaning you can shoot all day, and never have to worry about if you packed enough AA’s. It’s also possible to connect an external USB power source like a phone charger to the device for extended shooting times should you ever manage to drain it.

Optimised for use CSCs and DSLRs, the Capsule 360’s competitive price point is set to make it a kit-bag essential for every visual creative, providing more stills and video functionality than any of its rivals, at less of a cost.

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