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8 Tips for Choosing the best High-Speed Photography Trigger Kit

8 Tips for Choosing the best High-Speed Photography Trigger Kit

High-speed photography focuses on capturing high-speed objects in motion as well as high-speed events that, because of their millisecond-speed, can never be easily observed by the naked eye. Through this type of photography, you have the power to experience the mesmerizing and often surreal wonders of the world around you by freezing them in time.

That is why many photographers who want to delve into this hobby or even venture into this profession invest in the best high-speed photography trigger device – and just like how they have carefully chosen the camera to purchase when they finally began their journey into photography, they also make sure that they observe the same standards when buying a photography trigger unit.

Here are some tips for choosing the best high-speed photography trigger kit for your camera.

high-speed photography

Photo by DennerBiz Photography

1. Look for a “smart” high-speed camera trigger device.

Smartphones, Smart TV, and other smart devices have successfully infiltrated the modern market and it’s not just because their names sound cooler than your regular and old-fashioned gadget. Smart devices like these actually have a lot more to offer than their usual function – and it’s the same thing when we talk about a smart camera trigger device.

When choosing a high-speed photography trigger kit, look for a smart camera trigger unit. Aside from providing you with the best and zero-fail performance, they have additionally smart, intuitive and versatile features that make them stand out from their older counterparts.

Most importantly, as a smart device, it can be connected to other high-tech gadgets like your smartphone for more functionality and adjustability.


2. Remember: when choosing a high-speed camera trigger, size matters.

Size matters big time especially when you’re doing an outdoor shoot or when you’re out to capture lightning events. Make sure that you buy a camera trigger that is both powerful yet portable. The best smart camera trigger can be as small as the size of your credit card – but don’t be deceived. You’ll be surprised at how powerful and versatile they can be.   

When choosing a high-speed photography trigger kit, always consider the size of your smart camera trigger. You don’t have to bring bulky equipment or carry around an overcrowded camera bag just to have a successful high-speed photo session. Just like all the latest gadgets and high-tech equipment, smart camera triggers are small, compact devices that can help you up your game in high-speed photography.

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Photo by James Newman

3. Buy a camera trigger with multiple modes and flexible features.

High-speed photography is not just about capturing high-speed events or fast-moving subjects. In fact, there is more to this photography technique than to how it is usually defined. This type of photography actually lets you explore different shooting scenarios: bullet photography, glass-breaking photography, lightning photography, rocket launch photography, shooting fireworks, wildlife photography, water-drop photography, and many more.

That is why it’s very important to buy a high-speed camera trigger that supports multiple modes and flexible, adjustable features such as Lightning Mode, Sound Mode, Laser Mode, and more. Aside from having the freedom to choose among a variety of modes, you can also expand your creativity by combining multiple modes for a more stunning and well-timed shot.

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4. Choose a high-speed trigger unit that offers a DELAY timer feature.

Despite what its name suggests, speed is not everything in high-speed photography. In fact, it’s not just about how fast a device can trigger your camera in order to freeze an event in time. Never forget this one important factor to have a successful high-speed photography session: timing.

Your skill as a photographer and your creativity easily show depending on how you understand the importance of timing. Once you do, you can finally capture a bullet piercing through an apple at the right moment, catch the most perfectly shaped water drop or the most creative paint splashes, or even take a well-timed photo of a historic rocket launch.

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tips for high-speed photography

Photo by Micheal Bruno Church

5. Buy a camera trigger that supports different Trigger Sensors.

A typical camera trigger device depends on built-in sensors to do its job successfully and accurately. The regular trigger unit usually has one or two sensors to capture high-speed events. However, a smart high-speed trigger kit has a lot more to offer, supporting multiple sensors in one single device.

Here are some of them:

A. Light Sensor

It detects light and lightning bursts in a matter of a millisecond. Used together with a Lightning Trigger Mode, it’s a perfect trigger setting for lightning photography.

B. Motion Sensor

By using a Laser Mode, a smart camera trigger can capture high-speed objects such as water splash, or movements like the flapping wings of a hovering hummingbird. How it works is, once the subject touches the laser beam, the trigger unit directs your camera to take the shot.

C. Sound Sensor

Balloon popping, breaking glass or even bullet shooting through an object can be easily captured with the help of high-speed camera trigger and a built-in Sound Sensor. What is more important is, a smart camera trigger can easily adjust the timing of when your camera will shoot after the sensors detect the sound.

D. External Sensors

What is outstanding about high-quality camera triggers is their flexibility and compatibility to support external sensors. This freedom allows your camera to make use of other external sensors and devices that detect other stimuli, including movement and even pressure.

smart camera trigger for high speed photos

High-speed Photography with MIOPS Smart

6. Choose a camera trigger that can be remotely controlled.

Wired devices and messy cables can limit your creativity and can even hinder you from taking on more challenging photo scenarios – and you don’t want such restrictions especially when you are doing high-speed photography.

Therefore, choose a camera trigger that can be remotely controlled especially when you’re doing dangerous or risky photo sessions like in wildlife photography and lightning photography. A smart camera trigger, as mentioned earlier, can be wirelessly connected to a smart device and be controlled through a user-friendly smartphone application.


7. Buy a camera trigger that offers a free lifetime firmware upgrade.

It sounds too good to be true but you can definitely find a smart camera trigger that offers free lifetime firmware upgrade. But why is it important? For starters, it will help you save money in the long run but more importantly, a firmware upgrade option ensures that you’ll be able to fully maximize updated and evolving functionalities of your device.

You don’t have to buy a new high-speed camera trigger every three or four years just because it already became obsolete. By choosing wisely, you are certain that the features you have will always stay relevant, and your trigger unit will evolve with you and your skills.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


8. Make sure that compatibility will never be an issue.

Last but the most important factor is compatibility. ALWAYS remember that before buying a high-speed photography trigger kit, make sure that it is compatible with your camera, your external flash unit, and your other camera equipment.

Most camera trigger devices are faithful to one or two camera brands, but if you do find the one that supports ALL leading camera brands (and a long list of digital SLR models), then you know that you made the right decision.

You don’t need a highly expensive trigger unit to be good at high-speed photography. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to easily sort out the best photography trigger device out there.

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