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Capsule360 is the Ideal Independent Filmmaker’s Companion

Capsule360 is the Ideal Independent Filmmaker’s Companion

Are you a videographer looking to produce more professional-looking footage? Here’s why your kit bag isn’t complete without the Capsule360…

MIOPS latest product is the world’s most versatile motion box ever created, the Capsule360. Here are seven reasons it’s set to become a ‘must-own’ for every videographer, and how it will help you to lift your productions to that next level…

miops capsule360


1. It makes motion time-lapse production easy

Time-lapses are a brilliant technique for dramatically showing the passing of time in a film, movement in a scene, or some other imperceptibly small change taking place in front of the camera. Capsule360 not only simplifies and automates the capture of time-lapses, while maintaining total control over exposure and duration through its camera-triggering app but also gives you the option to bring a dynamic motion to your creations too, by smoothly moving your attached device. The speed and direction of this camera movement can be fine-tuned, so that your time-lapse will begin and end just how and when you want it for that perfect clip, revealing more of a location as it goes on, or gradually altering perspective for something far more gripping than the fixed time-lapses of old. With the advanced app, you can also take the strain out of adding advanced effects such as bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure, for time-lapse with an unrivaled impact.


2. It features smart tracking for self-shot projects

If you’re a vlogger, you’ll know how difficult it can be to produce moving footage of yourself. Unless you’ve got a mate helping out, you’re normally forced to pick between either static tripod shots or the classic selfie-style walk and talk. With the Capsule 360’s Smart Tracking options, however, you can get the best of both worlds. Select yourself with one click through the device’s smartphone application, and the Capsule360 will automatically adjust the mounted camera to keep you in the frame at all times during recording. This gives your footage stability but allows you to move freely around the space you’re in, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always be firmly within the frame. Far more dynamic than fixed shots, its the perfect technique to use if you’re demonstrating something or want to produce a better sense of energy within an otherwise fixed scene. Even if you’re not self-shooting but filming a subject, this feature will produce the kind of smooth tracking that’s extremely difficult to achieve through manual movement.

cinematic motion


3. It can help you produce silky smooth cinematic motion effects

Attached to the optional Capsule slider, the Capsule360 can be easily used for a range of cinematic motion effects like push/pulls (where the camera is moved towards or away from a subject), classic sideways slides, and booms (where the camera is moved up or down through a space). Having the ability to utilize these advanced movements for the right effect when needed can dramatically increase the production values of your projects, turning the brilliant into the breathtaking.




World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!


4. 3-axis of movement for total motion control

Straight out of the box the Capsule360 will produce smooth pans, but combine it with a second unit and the L-bracket accessory and you can add tilt motion, a third unit unlocks full 3-axis movement of the attached camera. These units are all connected wirelessly, keeping setup a breeze, but enabling you to create faultless motion shots in any direction. This goes far and beyond what is possible with most motion boxes, with multi-Capsule kits available at prices far below any rival system.



5. With learned motion paths, Capsule360 makes the repetition of motion shots possible

Capsule360 can learn motion paths from manual movement, just demonstrate them, and they can be repeated as many times as desired. The ability to design movements and replicate them seamlessly allows complex visual effects to be produced during both filming and editing. For example, this kind of technology allows multiple motion clips to be easily composited to show the same subject moving around different parts of a scene at the same time seamlessly, as the motion of the camera movement is identical in both takes. You can configure the speed of this motion and all of its other settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth.


6. It can be combined it with a Dolly for faultlessly controlled curved pans

Not only can the Capsule360 be used for linear pans and multi-axis movement, but thanks to its motorized dolly accessory, curved pans are also possible. Simply attach the Capsule360 to the Dolly, and use the app to take total control of direction and speed of the setup on smooth surfaces. For product videos and footage of other static subjects, it provides a unique and effective way to bring a motion to clips.


7. It’s portable, affordable and optimized for video

Let’s face it, some videography gear weighs a ton and is far too bulky to be practical to use in small spaces or hard to reach locations. The Capsule 360, however, weighs in at a mere 250g and is only 10.5cm at its longest dimension. In other words, it’s truly pocketable. The device has a powerful built-in rechargeable battery which will last at least for 8 hours of continuous use in most modes, and for up to one week when capturing time-lapses. It’s also possible to connect an external USB power source to the device for extended shooting times. From the start of its design process video use was kept in mind, meaning that operation has been kept near-silent, and connectivity kept wireless for clutter-free setup.

miops mobile app

Optimised for use with the kind of CSCs and DSLRs often used by independent filmmakers, the Capsule 360’s competitive price point defies it’s professional features, providing more functionality than its rivals, at less of a cost.

To preorder the Capsule360 today for the best possible price visit: Indiegogo Project Page

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