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How Does a Camera Trigger Help You to Capture Stunning Photos?

How Does a Camera Trigger Help You to Capture Stunning Photos?

Taking your photography to the next level does not require changing your camera gear. Even a regular digital SLR can offer impressive results, especially when it comes to high-speed photography. To help elevate your photography, you'll need a versatile and reliable device that will follow you on every shoot and every click: a camera trigger.

If you’re unfamiliar with today’s latest technology for camera trigger devices, this article will help answer your questions. More importantly, this article describes how a camera trigger enables you to capture stunning photos.

How can a camera trigger help in capturing stunning photos?

How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

1. A camera trigger is fast enough to capture fast-moving subjects.

The primary purpose of a camera trigger is to release your camera’s shutter at a precise moment to capture your intended shot. Most camera triggers function this way, allowing you to capture fast-moving objects, thereby eliminating the worry of missing the shot.

Is it possible to capture high-speed action without a trigger unit? Yes, but you’ll need incredibly precise ninja-like reflexes and a bit of luck to achieve an ideal result. For events like lightning bursts, wildlife photography, and other fast-moving subjects, it’s nearly impossible to capture tack-sharp subjects in action. Our human reflexes are simply not fast enough to react to these events.

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How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

2. A camera trigger can help you capture lightning events.

Lightning events are genuinely stunning. If you want to take on lightning photography to add to your portfolio, you’ll need a camera trigger to perfect your very first shots. Why?

A camera trigger, especially a smart lightning trigger, has two critical features that make it a must-have for lightning photography. First, a smart camera trigger has a light sensor that reacts to even the faintest light source. Second, you can adjust the sensor's light sensitivity to help you capture incredibly faint to huge bursts of light.

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How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

3. A camera trigger is a remote-controlled device.

Imagine doing wildlife photography in the great outdoors. You’ll sit there all day, waiting for that rare opportunity to capture something interesting in your frame. The problem is, wild animals shy away from humans. In other words, you’ll have to let your camera do the work while you wait for the next photo opportunity from a distance.

A remote camera trigger wirelessly connects to your camera so that your presence won't drive away potential subjects. A grazing deer can walk confidently towards your marked spot, and you can easily take as many shots as you want without it noticing you.

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How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

4. A camera trigger is powerful enough to record time-lapse sequences.

Imagine you are on a road trip, driving along a highway with a spectacular view of the mountains. You want to capture this fantastic parade of sights and colors with your camera, but you also want to continue driving. What’s the solution?

With a smart camera trigger, you can record time-lapse sequences and even take multiple photos of things you see outside the car window. Just mount your camera onto your dashboard, set your smart trigger to the right settings, and let it do the work.

Additionally, a smart camera trigger can customize the frequency of each click. Once connected to your smartphone, the trigger can make use of your phone's built-in GPS device to detect distances. With this system, you can set your camera to take photos, for instance, every 100 meters for a set number of frames or until you manually stop it.

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How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

5. A smart camera trigger has a highly sensitive sound sensor.

Consider rocket launch photography. How do you think is it possible for a photographer to remotely control their cameras to take photos of a propelling rocket? The answer is a camera trigger capable of detecting sound.

Professional rocket launch photographers know that such historical events give you a limited opportunity to make the perfect images. Therefore, relying on the accuracy of their sound trigger is of utmost importance.

Setting a camera timer to take photos of an ascending rocket is not a reliable option because rocket launches can have unpredictable schedules. A sound trigger is the only sure way that your camera will take the shots at the time of blast off.

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How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

6. A smart camera triggers assists you in awesome photography methods.

Bullet photography, balloon popping, water drop photography, you name it. These amazing photography methods are not just meant for professionals. Whether you are a beginner or pro in high-speed and splash photography, this is no longer a difficult task thanks to a smart camera trigger.



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Working with a smart camera trigger allows you to join the growing number of photographers that have easily navigated their way into these approaches. This is because a smart camera trigger has multiple sensors that help capture a variety of photo opportunities: a laser sensor that detects movement, a delay timer for well-timed triggering, and many more.

How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

7. A smart camera trigger can be connected to other external devices.

Your camera trigger is compatible with a long list of camera equipment. For instance, you can use the trigger to activate one or multiple external flash units. Additionally, the trigger unit has universal ports to accommodate connecting other sensors such as ones that respond to changing pressure or other events.

The great news is, the best camera trigger unit on the market today is compatible with the major camera makes and models. In other words, whether you have professional or entry-level camera equipment, you can still enjoy its full potential.

How a Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Stunning Photos

8. A smart camera trigger is a small yet powerful device.

Most importantly, smart camera triggers can operate for days, especially for photography sessions that require patience and endurance. Remember that the most extraordinary photo opportunities happen when you least expect it – your device needs to be ready and perform at any time.

That is why having a reliable camera trigger with an enduring battery life should be a priority, especially if you want to capture those rarest shots. Be it a studio photo session or a challenging outdoor shoot, you know you will be ready, come what may.

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