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Tips for Taking Creative and Unique Sports Photography Images

Tips for Taking Creative and Unique Sports Photography Images

Sports photography is one of the most exciting photography genres out there, especially for sports fans who want to immortalize their favorite team’s historic plays and record-breaking achievements. Observing and remembering the game through the lens of their camera helps them relieve moments of glory, especially the rarest moves and dramatic wins that will be celebrated forever.


Whether you’re a beginner shutterbug or a professional photographer who wants to finally delve into sports photography, this article will help you get started and take your first leap into the world of sports.

Before we do that, let’s first develop an appreciation of this thrilling photography genre by answering the question below. 

What is the primary goal of sports photography?

What is the primary goal of sports photography

Sports photography is more than just taking photos of players in the field running around, jumping and shooting for a shot. It’s more than just capturing a person going for a strike or hitting a ball for a home run. 

Beyond all the intense actions and technical moves and plays, capturing images of once-in-a-lifetime moments of strategic, unexpected, and dramatic plays that can make or break the game makes this genre very special, especially for sports fans.

A sports photographer’s job is to capture these fleeting moments and recognize the admirable sacrifices, perseverance, and skills of every player. Their task is to capture a scene that represents the passion, commitment, and dedication of these hardworking sports teams.

Aside from accurately depicting and freezing these ephemeral moments, sports photography is also about creativity. It shows the skills and the unique perspective of a photographer-slash-sports-fan who wants to show appreciation for the sports that they love.

This article will help you achieve these things and more, through our helpful tips on how to take creative and unique sports photography images.

Let’s get started.

How do you create unique sports photography photos and videos?

create unique sports photography photos and videos

A live game, whether in an outdoor field or an enclosed stadium, is always intense. Aside from having the wit and the energy to keep up with a sports’ intensity, being ready for the unpredictable will help you survive your first shoot.

More importantly, it makes a huge difference if you have complete camera equipment in your camera bag. With the right device and supporting devices, you won’t have to worry about missing the best shots you can get. 

Here are some of the most basic but helpful sports photography tips to remember.

1. Do your homework and plan your shoot.

planned sports photography shoot

    Before your planned sports photography shoot, make sure to do your research. 

    Know more about the sports.

    First, read more about the sports and the plays you should look out for. If you already know this, then you’re in luck. However, it’s still advisable to check out existing photos online of the same sport for inspiration. 

    Study the event location.

    Another important preparation step is to know more about the location of the event. What kind of field or structure is it? Will it be an outdoor game or an indoor court? Is there going to be access to natural light or is it going to be well-lit indoors? 

    Aside from reading online, you can visit the location and try to visualize the event. A 20-minute walk around will give you a clearer, more realistic idea of what you will have to deal with, in terms of finding the best spot to mount your camera during the live game.

    Choose good shooting locations.

    where will you position yourself and your camera

    More importantly, where will you position yourself and your camera? Will you have access to areas where you can take great photos without obstructions and heavy foot traffic? Remember that you should not stay in one location. It’s important to continue moving, depending on what the shoot demands.

    Choose a subject or focus on game highlights.

    subject or focus on game highlights

    Lastly, do you have a target subject, perhaps a specific player or a team? What moments, plays, and highlights do you want to focus on?

    Know what shots you want to take.

    To answer these questions, you must know what you want and what images you want to achieve. Sports events are always unpredictable and planning can give you a guideline in case you get distracted or lost in the moment.

    2. Bring the right camera lens.

    As mentioned earlier, you can succeed in sports photography if you have the right camera equipment with you. One of the most important camera components that you have to have ready is a long lens. 

    A long lens, especially a 200mm lens is good enough to give you the high-definition shots from a good distance. However, if you’re covering sports events in really huge locations, you might want to get hold of a 400mm lens to give you a closer view of your subjects.

    You don’t want to miss the best moments just because you forgot to put a zoom lens in your camera bag, do you? 

    3. Ready your high-speed camera equipment.

    high-speed camera equipment

      Basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, frisbee, hockey, and motor and car racing all have one thing in common: they are high-speed events that involve multiple subjects. 

      Sports photography can be a type of high-speed photography because of the speed, agility, and fast-moving objects involved in the game. Therefore, you should consider this genre as a challenge to test how fast you can trigger your camera to take a shot.

      fast-moving objects in sports photography

      However, you have to understand that your human reflex isn’t fast enough to push the shutter and take a photo. You can try but you’ll just end up with missed shots or blurry images. Since this is a live event, there are no retakes or do-overs. 

      You only have one chance, one shot, to freeze the moment, so what can you do?

      Activate your camera’s highest shutter speed setting.

      Naturally, you would want to adjust your camera’s shutter speed. With a faster shutter speed, you’ll have to match your aperture and exposure value accordingly. 

      Most basic DSLRs may have a Sports Mode that provides similar settings. However, these automatic shutter priority features are not perfect. You still have to rely on how fast you can click the shutter. It’s doable but there’s a huge possibility that you might miss many epic moments, just because you’re too slow.

      adjust your camera’s shutter speed in sport photography

      Luckily, you can rely on a fast, intuitive, and advanced high-speed camera trigger: MIOPS Flex.

      4. Use MIOPS Flex as your high-speed camera trigger.

        MIOPS Flex is one of the newest MIOPS products that features high-speed sensors and functionalities to help even beginners up their game in sports photography. 


        MIOPS Flex is powerful enough to capture millisecond lightning strikes, so imagine what it can do to help you take mind-blowing sports photos! 

        These MIOPS Flex modes are perfect for sports photography.

        As a high-speed camera trigger that can be attached to your camera, it makes use of two important modes: the laser mode and the sound mode. What can each mode do?

        Laser Mode

        Flex’s Laser mode uses a highly sensitive motion sensor that detects motion as soon as an object breaks the laser. These are best for sports events where you have a front seat view of the action, with a distance enough for the laser to reach the subject.

        highly sensitive motion sensor

        Sound Mode

        Since the Sound mode uses sound as its stimulus, this is perfect for motocross, car racing, and other loud sports events. The sound sensor can be adjusted to just pick up noise or sound at a specific decibel level, so your camera won’t get triggered even with just the sound of a crowd cheering or the signal of a buzzer.

        Imagine the possibilities, remotely and automatically triggering your camera’s shutter while you sit back and enjoy the game!

        remotely and automatically triggering

        The MIOPS Flex has other features that will make sports photography easier and more creative!

        Aside from its high-speed camera sensors, Flex also provides intuitive and user-friendly features that can turn a flat image into a dynamic and more interesting photo.

        Here are some of them.

        1. For one, you can have your smartphone control your camera. Using MIOPS’s dedicated mobile application, you can activate your camera and adjust the settings from a distance. 
        2. Since your camera is connected to your smartphone, you can instantly see the photos or videos that it took, and instantly share them on your social media accounts.
        3. In case of timelapse or taking a video of the event, you can see the previous images and motion shots even during the shooting process.
        4. Another interesting Flex feature that will help you take a creative photo is its dedicated photo editing option. Using this, you can combine multiple photos into a single image. What a fast and cool way to deliver a more dynamic photo!
        5. Flex has also a Holy Grail Setting, a special feature that helps you cope with a sports location’s ever-changing lighting conditions. It can help you shoot videos and images, without touching your camera, as it automatically adjusts your settings to respond to the fluctuating light source. 
        6. Most importantly, Flex allows you to place your camera in strategic yet hard-to-reach places. As mentioned earlier, going to a sports event presents the challenge of finding the perfect locations where you can position your camera. 
          Thanks to the remote and wireless shooting and setting adjustment capabilities that Flex offers, you can rest assured that you have full control of your camera without physically touching it.

        5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your shots.

        perfect location and the complete camera equipment

        Once you are well-prepared for the event and have found the perfect location and the complete camera equipment, you can finally focus on what really matters: having fun. 

        Don’t be afraid to just be yourself and experiment. The most creative shots are delivered by photographers who have mastered the art of playing around with their perspectives and their choice of subject matter.

        Shot Variations

        Be ready to get out of your comfort zone and deviate from the norms, as long as you’re still observing the fundamentals: light, composition, and angle. Also, present variations, especially when shooting people: full body shots, portraits, mid-action shots, establishing shots, and a lot more, can help open your eyes to different perspectives.

        Angles and Framing

        Experiment with different perspectives. You can take low-angle, high-angle, and wide-angle shots to tell a story or set a mood. Look for framing opportunities to add drama and focus to the moments that you want to capture.

        Use Lights and Backgrounds

        Use Lights and Backgrounds on sport photography

        Make use of the objects and other elements around you. Use the lighting, the colors, and even the crowd to tell a story and to add more interesting details to your shots. These tips can also help you express the atmosphere and mood of the game.

        Stage lights, LED screens, stadium lights, and scoreboards, fan-made banners, and other sources of light and colors are everywhere! Use them to your advantage, especially in delivering a very unique composition! 

        6. Be patient and don’t give up until the game is over.

        Sports events can be really exciting, but there are just games that can turn cheers into boos because of how flat, boring, or frustrating the moments are. As a photographer, you might feel that you’re wasting your time and losing opportunities to capture unique shots. However, just be patient and try to be creative!

        Every play, no matter how dull or frustrating they are, still tells a story. It’s your job to capture these stories and bring out the best, even out of the plainest and most uneventful game. It’s one of the challenges that you have to overcome, especially if you’re planning to go professional.

        On the other hand, if the game is breath-taking and you think you’d have a lot of amazing shots, don’t go flipping through your gallery yet! The game is still in progress and you might miss some of its best highlights that are yet to unfold.

        Your First Journey Into High-Speed Photography Through Sports Photography Starts Here

        High-Speed Photography Through Sports Photography

        Hopefully, these pieces of advice have helped you gain confidence, skills, and knowledge of what to expect in your first photography event. More importantly, we wish that your experience in sports photography will open more doors to the amazing world of high-speed photography.

        Yes, there’s a bigger world out there and high-speed photography has a lot to offer when it comes to freezing millisecond-speed moments. If you are curious and want to know more about what you can do with this highly celebrated genre, let MIOPS and our line of high-speed devices guide you there.

        Good luck and have fun!


        In Which Fields Can You Use MIOPS Capsule360?

        In Which Fields Can You Use MIOPS Capsule360?

        MIOPS has undeniably played a significant role in shaping modern photography. With their pioneering products like MIOPS Smart+ camera trigger, they have revolutionized the way beginners and professionals approach challenging fields of photography, such as the intimidating yet rewarding field of high-speed photography.

        Today, the team behind the first versatile and smartphone-controlled camera trigger in the market is making headlines again because of one major product that continues to put them on top of the pedestal: the MIOPS Capsule360. 

        Capsule360 enabled the firm to dominate the world of motion photography, thanks to its uniquely engineered camera control device that can work independently or with other MIOPS devices. 


        In this article, talk about the MIOPS Capsule360 and why it is the best motion box in the market today. We’ll also discuss how this device can help you take on different types of photography genres and sub-genre, even with just your entry-level camera. 

        Let’s first talk about the definition and some basic information about what the Capsule360 offers as a camera device.

        Getting to Know MIOPS Capsule360

        MIOPS Capsule360 is a highly-compact motion device that is designed to pan, tilt, and rotate for 360 degrees to complete a whole, full-frame image or video. The device features a pocket-size, puck-shaped form and weighs just almost 9 ounces. 

        MIOPS Capsule360 Weight Capacity and Compatibility

        Although small in size, it can carry and mount cameras as heavy as 15 pounds. It is also compatible with camera phones, DSLR, SLR, and mirrorless camera devices. Regardless of your camera model, the device makes use of a universal mounting design so you can easily mount entry-level or advanced gears. 

        Capsule360 Battery Life for Photos and Videos

        The device has a built-in battery that can last for a maximum of 24 hours for taking timelapse images and over 8 hours of shooting continuously moving videos. It features an ideal battery life that makes it perfect for outdoor shoots and weeklong field photography work.

        motion box

        Capsule360 Cables and Connection

        When connecting to your camera, Capsule360 only uses one intervalometer cable to sync with your gear’s functionality, especially in triggering the camera at the right moment while the capsule tilts or pans or in between photographs. 

        Capsule360 Charging Options Indoors and Outdoors

        In terms of charging, the device can accommodate charging via an external USB battery or a power bank, so you can use the device whenever you want, for as long as you want. Longer field runtimes are especially common for timelapse photography and nature photography in general, so having this option is very practical.

        Capsule360 Mobile Application

        Just like other MIOPS devices, Capsule360 can be connected to your smartphone through the MIOPS mobile application. From there, you can explore several modes, settings, adjustments, and customizations for a wide range of photography types.

        Through the application, you can choose from basic timelapse, long exposure timelapse, bulb ramping timelapse, interval ramping, HDR timelapse, basic video, panorama, focus stacking, star tracker, turntable, and free mode, among others.

        photography with a motion box

        Setting Up Capsule360 Parameters

        Finally, from the mobile app, you can easily set up, save, and load your set parameters for future use. If it’s your first-time using MIOPS Capsule360, here’s a quick way to use the device through the app.

        1. Connecting Capsule to Your Mobile Phone

        First, turn the Capsule360 ON by clicking the power button to set it to pairing mode (flashing blue). Then, go to your MIOPS app, click Capsule360, choose pan, if you only have a single capsule device, and click Connect.

        2. Setting Up Basic Timelapse Mode for Starters

        In order to set up the basic timelapse option, you can click on the Basic Timelapse icon. Go to Degrees and adjust the angle according to your preferences. Set up the number of frames per second (FPS). Next, set your designer interval or the time it takes in between the shot exposures. Finally, decide on the duration of the video by adjusting Play Time. After that, you’re ready to hit Start. 

        Now that you know the basics of using MIOPS Capsule360, it’s time to explore the many possibilities that this device offers. 

        7 Types of Photography Fields and Genre Where You Can Use Your MIOPS Capsule360

        Whether you are a beginner photographer or a professional, you can try and be successful in the different photography fields. With Capsule360 as your camera control companion, you can master these genres below:

        timelapse photography

        • Timelapse Photography

        Timelapse photography allows shutterbugs and professional photographers to capture the flow and movement of the world around them. This field of photography lets you take a video of the change that an object or a landscape undergoes over a long period of time. 

        Timelapse videos of a growing plant, a melting and moving glacier, clouds floating and cruising across the skies, the moon rising and falling, among many others, are some of the most common subjects of this genre.

        Using MIOPS Capsule360, you can use your SLR, smartphone, or mirrorless camera to focus on a stable and fixed position and take motion videos or multiple frames at set time intervals. As the best motion box for timelapse sessions, Capsule360 allows your camera to follow a panning, tilting, or even rotating movement to capture a full, 360-degree frame of the landscape. It’s also the best companion for travel photographers, especially solo backpackers who love exploring the great outdoors or capturing urban landscapes and skylines.

        The same panning and rotating motions are perfect in taking another sub-genre of timelapse photography, astrophotography.


        • Astrophotography or Astronomical Imaging

        Astrophotography is one of the most mesmerizing sub-genres of timelapse photography. It helps individuals capture the movement of astronomical objects, such as the moon, the sun, nearby planets, and the stars. 

        Astrophotography can also pertain to astronomical imaging and recording of celestial events, such as meteor showers, comet events, and even observing a rocket launching into space. It’s also a popular genre for those lovers of nebulae and visible galaxies, such as our own Milky Way.

        There’s a common misconception that astrophotography is a complex photography field and only professionals can take successful astronomical images and timelapse. While this was initially the case during the early days of photography, the introduction of MIOPS Capsule360 changed that.

        MIOPS Capsule360 allows your camera to have a stable, silky smooth movement as it opens its lens to accept the distant light of these heavenly objects using a long-term exposure setting. Aside from a sturdy tripod, the stability and flawless motion of Capsule360 help you capture crisp, high-definition videos of the night sky, as the stars, galaxies, and planets move across it.

        Aside from capturing the mesmerizing movement of celestial objects, Capsule360 is also an ideal companion for extreme weather timelapse shoots, especially when recording lightning events.

        Stormlapse Photography

        • Stormlapse Photography

        Stormlapse photography is basically a timelapse of storms. The main subject of this photography genre is high-speed lightning, tornadoes, dark storm clouds, and how these elements interact during violent storms. 

        This field of photography is common among storm chasers. These extreme photographers are willing to go to great lengths just to position themselves and their camera in the most perfect spot. 

        Capsule360 adds excitement to this type of photography by helping storm chasers ditch the fixed-framed storm videos and replace them with moving, panning, tilting, and full-degree footage of this spectacular natural event.
        Capsule360’s remote control capabilities let photographers stay away from danger zones and let their cameras do the rest. The capsule’s motion control can also be combined with MIOPS Smart+ camera trigger’s Lightning Mode for full-performance coverage.


        • Videography and Filmmaking

        Capsule360 has also helped videographers produce stunning images and memorable motion pictures. The movement that this device offers can transform a simple indoor or outdoor scene into a dynamic spectacle.

        Whether used for movie filming or professional commercial shoots, combining your advanced camera set-up with the smooth motion control of Capsule360 can help filmmakers produce amazing videos and one-of-a-kind cinematography that truly deserve a standing ovation.

        Aside from filmmaking, the Capsule360 is also a perfect device for upgrading any product photography and videography shoot.

        commercial photography

        • Commercial Photography

        In definition, product photography focuses on shooting images of commercial products. The images from this sub-genre are expected to be high-quality and high-resolution as they will be used in a wide range of promotional materials. 

        These images are used on large billboards or professional websites and ads postings to attract customers to the featured products. In other words, commercial product photography is a demanding genre in terms of image quality. Additionally, these photos should stand out among hundreds of competitors.

        This is where the role of Capsule360 comes in, especially when it comes to making unique and eye-catching product images and videos. The device elevates even a regular camera into a professional product photography shooter. 

        Let Capsule360’s Turntable Accessory Do the Job!

        Capsule360 lets you capture a full 360-degree view of your product using its dedicated MIOPS Turntable Accessory. Your Capsule360 turntable can act as a motion box that rotates the turntable, smoothly and steadily, to give your camera a good view of the subject from every angle. 

        The turntable can handle the weight of the most common products in the market. Shoes, bags, action figures, houseware, as well as gadgets and gaming consoles can be great subjects for any shoot. You can also showcase food and other consumable products for your food photography shoot.

        Through the MIOPS App discussed earlier, you can set your preferred timing, including the speed at which the turntable rotates. You can also directly connect the Capsule360 and turntable tandem to your camera to synch the number, frequency, and interval of shots that you want per take.

        personal vlogging

        • Personal or Commercial Vlogging

        As part of MIOPS’ vision to respond to the evolving needs of modern photography and filmmaking, they designed the Capsule360 to respond to their users, literally, through the device’s Follow Me Mode.

        What is the Capsule Follow Me Mode?

        Follow Me Mode is designed for professional vloggers or even for beginners who want to get into vlogging. By combining the intuitive motion-sensor technology of your smartphone and the smooth panning and movement of the Capsule360, you can take dynamic and interesting video blogs using your DSLR. 

        Through the MIOPS Mobile app, you can control set up face tracking or object tracking functions. You can tell your camera which object to focus on by drawing a box on the screen to set your subject. For face tracking mode, your camera will automatically detect your face, highlight it, and focus on it throughout the recording time.


        Once your settings and tracking targets are complete, Capsule360 will do its job and move with the tracked object to ensure that they stay focused and in the middle of the frame. 

        This independent motion sensing and camera motion control give you the freedom that you need, especially when shooting a vlog without a team or anyone to hold the camera for you. Convenient and intuitive, right?

        Portrait Videography

        • Portraiture or Portrait Videography

        Speaking of completing an entire photography or videography session alone, Capsule360 is a great companion for influencers who usually do their shoots alone. 

        Aside from feature vlogging, Capsule360 can also help individuals shoot portraiture and portrait videography as an addition to their portfolio. Using the device’s Follow Me mode and its ability to be connected to the DSLR to trigger the camera shutter, you won’t need to hire an extra hand to complete your shoot.

        Prepare your background, position your flashguns, adjust your camera settings, and mount your camera onto the Capsule360. Set up your MIOPS app, and start your shoot. Let the camera follow your movement, set up a shooting interval, and pose with confidence!

        creative photography with a motion box

        Don’t Limit Your Creativity! Explore the Many Possibilities When Using MIOPS Capsule360

        Aside from all the photography genres and subgenres that we mentioned here, there is still a long list of fields that you can explore with a portable, compact, and intuitive MIOPS Capsule360. They’re just waiting to be discovered!

        Just like every single person who pioneered the most popular photography fields today, you have the chance to rise to the top and establish your unique genre, even with just an entry-level camera by your side.

        With the Capsule360, MIOPS has proven once again how its technology, insight, and creativity can expand the world of photography, and help beginners and professionals to break the limits of their imagination. 

        Whether you’re a long-time fan of MIOPS or you’re just planning to start your photography journey with us, we can help you take the next steps. 

        Know more about our latest MIOPS products and offerings today!

        Blog Credit: Charm Villalon

        Charm is a writer and a visual artist. Her drive to share ideas and stories is evident in her background in communication arts and language studies. Years of professional experience in content creation have given her a broad proficiency with the process of engaging online communities. An appreciation for multiple languages and cultures drives her to seek out experiences and capture these moments through her writing, digital art, and photography.

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        [faq q1="what is a motion box?" a1="In this article, talk about the MIOPS Capsule360 and why it is the best motion box in the market today." q2="what is follow me mode in a motion box?" a2="Follow Me Mode is designed for professional vloggers or even for beginners who want to get into vlogging." q3="what kind of photography I can do with a motion box?" a3="Whether you are a beginner photographer or a professional, you can try and be successful in the different photography fields."]

        How to Get Creative with Night Photography

        How to Get Creative with Night Photography

        Take your night images to the next level with creative photography techniques at night!

        Night photography is an exciting genre of imaging that encompasses many different disciplines from concerts to traffic trails, and landscapes to nightclubs. However, it’s notoriously difficult to take good images at night because of the lack of light.

        Low light levels means camera settings are pushed to the extreme as photographers try to maximize the brightness of available light to eke out every last photon for a good exposure. Not only that but autofocusing is next to useless because the camera relies on sufficient light to nail focus on subjects. Instead, you’ll have to get creative by nailing manual focusing techniques. So let’s take a look at some of the creative photography techniques you can use to nail some excellent night photographs.


        Traffic Trails

        As the light fades and the city lights turn on, drivers of cars and other motor vehicles turn on their headlights to see where they’re going. Take any camera to the city at night and put it into automatic and you’ll see that all you’re left with is a set of streaky bright lines worming their way through your photo. This can look unsightly, but with a little preparation it can actually transform a dull city scene into something remarkable.

        Set the camera on a tripod and engage manual mode. Set the aperture to f/5.6 or narrower to ensure a long depth of field. Put ISO to 200 or similar in order to reduce image noise, and then switch the shutter speed to roughly 10 seconds. Watch as the headlights turn into traffic trails that smoothly slide along the frame. Simply by putting the camera on a tripod and engaging manual control of the camera, we’ve achieved traffic trails. This kind of photography works extremely well in bustling towns and cities, and on highway overpasses where it is sufficiently safe to take night photography.

        traffic lights at night photography

        It’s important to use a remote trigger such as the MIOPS Flex to take the photographs. That’s because when the camera is triggered by hand when shooting long exposures, the small vibration from the user can cause the camera to move during exposure and make images blurry. Instead, set up a remote trigger to remove the issue and keep the camera steady for sharp shots.

        Rear Curtain Flash

        Something you’ll no doubt have seen on all the nightclub galleries online is something called rear curtain sync flash photography. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but the principle is simple. Allow the camera to shoot a long exposure (1/2 a second will work) and place a flashgun on the hot shoe. Engage rear curtain synchronization - this means that the flash will fire at the end of the exposure. Now for the technique.

        night photography ideas

        Remember, this’ll work best in indoor situations or at night when ambient lighting is dim, such as a nightclub full of dancers. We’re aiming to move the camera deliberately during the long exposure, and then have the flash fire at the end of the exposure to correctly expose the foreground subjects. If you look for some kind of lighting to put in the background it will amplify the effect. Now, as the camera is rotating the camera, aiming to keep the lens steady during the shot. You’ll be left with a very creative night photography effect where the background is blurry and textured, but the foreground subjects are exposed correctly.

        Low Light Landscape Photography

        Landscape photography is all about composition, and nailing focus through-and-through, once the light goes down. There are two techniques to achieving a low light landscape photograph that contains correct focus: setting the aperture and manually focusing.

        Narrower apertures such as f/11 and f/16 produce a greater depth of field than wider apertures of f/2.8 or f/1.4. The depth of field is the slice of focus in front of the camera that is in focus. To ensure a landscape is in sharp relief from foreground to background it’s important to set a narrow aperture. But a long depth of field is no good if the focus isn’t in the right place.

        low light landscape photography

        Autofocusing will undoubtedly not work when shooting in low light. That’s because the camera relies on available light to help autofocusing clasp onto a subject. Instead, engage the live view and set the camera to manual focusing mode. Then zoom in on the screen and find a spot bright enough in the landscape to see on the screen. Next, rotate the focusing ring until the landscape is in focus. If you’re struggling to see the landscape, bring a high power torch with you to light up the landscape before focusing.


        Timelapses are a great way to capture the environment at night. Look for moving subjects such as waves on a beach, clouds moving through the sky, or a busy inner city. Set up the camera on a tripod and engage the in-built timelapse mode. Set the interval times (the time it takes between shots) to an appropriate length between images based on the moving object's speed. For example, clouds flying through the sky will require around a five second interval time, unless there are high winds, in which case one to two seconds will work.

        night photography timelapses

        If your camera doesn’t have an in-built timelapse mode then use an external camera controller. You’ll need a camera controller that can not only trigger the camera remotely but also has the ability to set intervals between photos. The MIOPS Flex is the best camera controller from a smartphone because it allows manual control via the on-board screen and buttons on the device itself, or via the MIOPS app on a smart device like a smartphone or tablet. Simple attach the Flex to the camera with an appropriate cable and mount it to the hot shoe of the camera. Then dial in the mode settings and set intervals as desired before triggering the camera.

        Concert Photography

        Gig photography is notoriously difficult to master. When photographing concerts at night low light levels and stroboscopic lighting mixed with other stage productions can make it hard to get decent images. That’s where getting creative is important.


        First off, shoot with a lens that has a wide maximum aperture, like a 24-70mm f/2.8. Then set the camera to a semi-automatic mode like aperture priority. Dial in the widest aperture possible and set the shutter speed to the reciprocal of the focal length. For example, if shooting at 24mm set a shutter speed of 1/25 sec as a minimum. If the image is still dark then boost the ISO sensitivity. Alternatively, dial in auto-ISO to let the camera set an automatic exposure.

        Blog Credit: Jason Parnell-Brookes

        Jason Parnell-Brookes is an Internationally award-winning photographer, educator and writer. He won Gold in the Nikon Photo Contest 2018/19 and was named Digital Photographer of the Year in 2014. Jason is a qualified teacher, Masters graduate and works with many high profile international clients. Further information can be found in his website www.jasonpb.com.

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        [faq q1="how to do concert photography during night?" a1="Gig photography is notoriously difficult to master. When photographing concerts at night low light levels and stroboscopic lighting mixed with other stage productions can make it hard to get decent images." q2="what is night photography?" a2="Night photography is an exciting genre of imaging that encompasses many different disciplines from concerts to traffic trails, and landscapes to nightclubs." q3="how to do night timelapses?" a3="Set up the camera on a tripod and engage the in-built timelapse mode. Set the interval times (the time it takes between shots) to an appropriate length between images based on the moving object's speed."]

        7 Ways to be a More Creative Photographer with MIOPS

        7 Ways to be a More Creative Photographer with MIOPS

        Some photographers can easily capture the best photographs with just a camera and a nice subject to shoot, but there are some moments that are hard to see, more to capture, with just the naked eye. Here is where the MIOPS line of products can help you.


        MIOPS products are specifically designed to aid photographers in shooting close to impossible shots. These camera accessories are portable, versatile, and functional enough to also help with making the photography process much faster. If used right, these products can even help with achieving more creative results, which can inspire awe and admiration from your clients and audiences.

        Here are some ways to help you focus and improve your creativity as a photographer with MIOPS. You can play around with these activities, and combine a couple or more accessories as you see fit.


        1. Capture better lightning shots.

        Say goodbye to blurry and poor lightning shots with your camera, a tripod, and the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. Capture the beautiful natural phenomenon into one shot by turning on the smart Trigger’s lightning mode, which was specially designed for sudden changes in lightings.

        All you have to do is set up your tripod and camera, attach the MIOPS Smart+, and turn on its lightning mode. You can leave the camera, and the trigger will do the capturing for you.

        lightning photo


        2. Take great action shots.

        If you are a sports photographer, you would know that taking pictures of athletes in action can be a nightmare. More often than not, your camera is not reliable on its own, since it can result in blurry photos later on. The MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger can help in this scenario. To begin the magic, set up your camera and trigger onto a tripod and switch the laser mode on. Once the laser breaks because of a movement, like a skater doing a kick-flip trick right in the laser’s way, the trigger will fire your camera.

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        capture the actions with camera


        3. Experiment with ‘collisions’.

        You’ve seen great pictures of food or drinks flying up in the air. You might have also seen pictures of rows of bottles broken by gunshots. The secret to taking fast moments like these is a high-speed trigger like the MIOPS RemotePlus. Its dedicated sound sensor can help photographers capture sound events like collisions with no delay. With this in your arsenal, you can even experiment with a DIY setup.


        experimental photos

        4. Play around with water.

        Thanks to the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit, taking splash photography can be taken in just a matter of minutes. Traditionally, photographers manually drop water, and pray to be able to capture the precise moment that it hits the surface. With a MIOPS Splash, you can control how fast and how much water drops fall, while also giving you the control over triggering your camera or flash. You can gun for more creative shots by using colored waters, and take photos of drops mixing beautifully.


        water drop photography

        5. Shoot paint sculptures.

        A fun exercise is to shoot differently colored paints bouncing over a rubber sheet on a booming speaker. The speaker’s vibrations will cause the paint to bounce around, giving you illusions of sculptures to take pictures of. Use the MIOPS Smart+ trigger for this application so you can focus on the more creative part of the shoot. Experiment with color amounts, and color combinations to come up with the best paint sculptures. For more fun, you can try the same activity with dry colors or glitters to come up with unique photographs.

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        Shoot paint sculptures


        6. Play around with light trails.

        Light trails are most commonly found in urban night photography. If you are highly interested in this niche, you can invest in the MIOPS Mobile Dongle, which can easily take light trail photographs for you. You will need a camera, the dongle, and a tripod to take steady shots. With the dongle, you will be able to release the camera shutter with just a press of a button on your smartphone. The MIOPS Mobile Dongle can keep the shutter open for as long as 99 minutes, which you can adjust according to your preference. This adjustability can help you decide how long your light trails can be. This application can also be done for meteor showers, and possibly fireworks displays.

        shoot light trails


        7. Try HDR.

        Even if your camera does not have a bracketing feature, you can use the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger to try out high dynamic range (HDR) photography. You can experiment with this if you want to capture more shadows in your pictures. Cameras tend to capture less of the range that our eyes can see. The resulting photos are often more realistic.

        To do this, choose your subject (nature photography benefits the most from HDR), and set up your camera on a tripod. Attach the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, and turn on the HDR mode on your smartphone app. You can fire your camera using the app, and your camera will take flawless pictures in different exposures. It will then combine the series of the picture to come up with an HDR photo.

        hdr photography

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         Cameras alone are useful devices in capturing moments. Add any accessory from the MIOPS line of products, and your camera instantly turns into a better, high-speed camera that can capture moments that are difficult to freeze in a picture. With all these accessories’ capabilities, you can focus more on creativity, and less on the technical setup of your cameras. Keep these tips in mind, and do not be afraid to experiment with the accessories’ modes and uses.

        However, note that these MIOPS camera gear are just equipment. The greater factor in taking pictures is your ability and skills as a photographer. The tools are just there to aid in your creative pursuit of the best photos, but it is still you who will dictate the quality of your pictures. It bears repeating to say that your tools are only as good as you. You can invest in any camera accessory, but never forget to invest in your skills in order to come up with awe-inspiring photographs.

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