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What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?


MIOPS Smart high-speed camera trigger is the most versatile camera equipment that you’ll ever have. Aside from offering unique and reliable features, it makes taking even the most intimidating photos so easy even if you’re just a beginner photographer – all you need is this device and your limitless creativity.

So what does this extraordinary camera trigger has to offer? Here are the following features and characteristics that make this impressive high-speed camera equipment worth every penny.

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

1. MIOPS is a flash and camera trigger – in a single, portable device.

While camera triggers can be helpful to achieve the most elusive images during high-speed events, your flash unit should also be able to keep up. MIOPS Smart trigger has two outputs dedicated to your camera and flash unit. Combined, you’ll be unstoppable.

 What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

2. MIOPS Smart can be used in different modes.

There are several basic functions that this high-quality camera trigger has to offer. They can either be used separately or can be combined and activated simultaneously.  This versatility can then help you achieve the most seemingly impossible images in high-speed photography, HDR photography and even capturing timelapse videos.

As mentioned above, the device is also complex enough to combine and activate its different modes simultaneously, letting you make the most out of the rarest and once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Here are the different modes that you can use with a MIOPS Smart camera trigger:

a. Lightning Mode

For events that can be detected with a light sensor such as in Lightning Photography, the Lightning Mode is the specialized feature that activates MIOPS’ lightning trigger function.

MIOPS has the ability to detect high-speed light events such as a lightning strike and activate your camera’s shutter as fast as a few milliseconds.

You can freely adjust the sensitivity of the sensor so that it can detect even the smallest bursts of light, especially the ones that are not usually visible to the naked eye.

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b. Laser Mode

MIOPS has a laser mode that can detect movements. What happens is, once the subject hits and breaks the laser beam, the trigger will be automatically activated to capture a perfectly-timed photo of events that usually last less than a second.

Some examples of these high-speed events that can be shot under a Laser Mode can be seen in water drop and splash photography. You can perfectly time your shot by the trigger’s delay option that allows up to milliseconds of delayed shutter release.

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What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

c. Sound Mode

Some of the most amazing high-speed photography images are shot inside a controlled environment such as in a photo studio. Even in a dark room, capturing high-speed events such as a gunshot, a breaking glass or a bursting water-filled balloon, are doable with MIOPS’ sound trigger function. How? You’ll need an external flash unit.

Setting up your camera in Bulb Mode is your first step. In a dark room (a perfect environment to take photos of a bullet or an arrow shooting through another object), activate MIOPS trigger’s Sound Mode. But where will you get the light source? This is where the role of MIOP’s flash trigger (for external flash unit) function comes in.

Just like in the Light Mode, you can also adjust the Delay feature to get the timing that you want, as well as the sensitivity of the sound sensor. With the setup complete, all you have to do is to start the action.

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d. Timelapse Mode

Aside from the sensors available in MIOPS Smart trigger device, there is also a Time-lapse mode that allows you to take sequential images within a specified time frame. You can also freely adjust the setting into several parameters like the level of exposure and the number of frame per second.

The great thing about using MIOPS for your timelapse shots is, you can take long-duration and high-quality videos (not just lasting hours but days), thanks to its energy-saving feature.

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What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

e. HDR Mode

High Dynamic Range photos are perhaps the most mesmerizing images that your camera can ever capture. MIOPS does an impressive job with precision and quality — helping you capture the best HDR photos without the worries of failure.

MIOPS lets you specify the center exposure of the shot, and adjust the step-up/down numbers, eliminating the need to manually adjust the settings each time.

3. MIOPS is a standalone unit that has three different sensors.

The basic modes and functions of MIOPS camera trigger are only possible because of this standalone unit’s three vital sensors: light, sound, and laser.

These primary sensors, as mentioned above, are what make MIOPS Smart camera trigger one of the most accurate triggers in the market. How? These sensors can easily and accurately detect external, high-speed events that are often difficult to shoot even to the most experienced photographers.

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

4. It can be remotely controlled with your smartphone.

Over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, MIOPS camera trigger can be fully controlled by your smart devices such as your smartphone (compatible with iOS and Android devices) through MIOPS Smart smartphone application. The app is a platform where you can easily adjust the trigger’s settings based on the type of shot that you want to achieve and the setting where you want to take your photo.

Even without a smartphone, you can always control and manage MIOPS’ function by using the onboard buttons from the device’s LCD screen.

5. MIOPS Smart offers an upgradable firmware.

Your first MIOPS Smart will always be relevant and updated because its developers made sure that the firmware will be upgradable – and not to mention, free, for a lifetime.

Unlike other camera triggers, MIOPS is here to stay and will be an important and reliable part of every shooting session. The bonus is, it will get better with every firmware upgrade – because an upgrade means new features for you. Most importantly, the upgrades only take a few minutes to complete.

 What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

6. MIOPS is a pocket-size and portable Smart camera trigger.

MIOPS Smart camera trigger is not like any other trigger device on the market today. It’s not bulky and can easily find a place in your already stuffed camera bag, thanks to its light-weight and compact built. In fact, it’s just less than an inch in thickness – and it’s not bigger than an electronic mouse.

Charging MIOPS camera trigger is also as easy as plugging in any universal USB charger (at home or even inside your car) because it has a mini-USB port.

7. MIOPS Smart camera trigger is energy-efficient.

The device is energy efficient, with a rechargeable battery that can last for days – and this is a great thing especially if you’re always shooting in the great outdoors. This is because, even with all its functions and features, MIOPS Smart camera trigger has impressive energy-saving features that will eliminate the need to frequently recharge its energy source. It can operate up to 4 days with a single charge.

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger? 

8. MIOPS offers a “saveable” custom Scenario-Processing Mode.

This smart camera trigger also offers a scenario-processing mode in which you can set up scenarios based on your preferred combination of the trigger’s different modes.

Using the MIOPS mobile application, you can configure a scenario and the information will be sent and processed by the trigger unit. You can save these scenarios (the app stores up to 3 scenarios) and use them again in capturing similar shots in the same settings. 

9. MIOPS is versatile enough to be connected to external sensors.

Aside from its built-in sensors, MIOPS has an input port that allows the connection of other external sensor devices like pressure sensors (when you rely on pressure as stimuli in capturing events such as stepping on a carpet).

Knowing that there is a long list of external sensors out there, MIOPS gives you the freedom to be creative and resourceful without worrying about compatibility.

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger? 

10. MIOPS Smart trigger is compatible with different cameras.

Your MIOPS camera trigger can be used for your other cameras. In other words, you don’t have to buy an additional unit for your second camera, regardless of its brand. This is because it’s compatible with many leading camera makers and models manufactured around the world.

11. It’s one of the best high-speed camera triggers in the market today.

It’s not the only trigger available in the market but many professional and beginner photographers agree that it’s one of the best or even the best when it comes to quality, durability, and performance.

Knowing all these, you’re assured that buying your first MIOPS Smart camera trigger today is the best decision that you’ll ever make.


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