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Why You Should Use a Smart Camera Trigger for High-Speed Photography

Why You Should Use a Smart Camera Trigger for High-Speed Photography

High-speed photography remains as one of the most fascinating camera methods today. Over the years since its popularity, many groups of professionals and hobbyists have explored almost everything that it has to offer. From the basic camera skills, secret tricks, and even innovative methods, they have created a solid foundation that will help every beginner master every step in this approach of taking photos.

Aside from acquiring a reliable camera gear, becoming successful at high-speed photography will highly depend on a single equipment: a smart camera trigger. In definition, a camera trigger is an external device that assists your camera in achieving a faster, more accurate shutter response rate when taking fast events. In other words, without a camera trigger, your human reflexes to trigger your shutter won’t be fast enough to capture extremely high-speed events.

high speed photography

Here are several more reasons why you should use a smart camera trigger for high-speed photography.

1. A smart camera trigger has everything you need for high-speed photography.

Imagine having a small yet powerful device to bring with you in every high-speed photography session? A smart camera trigger is a tiny unit with almost the same size as a credit card. The device is also surprisingly just less than an inch thick, making it an easy fit in your camera bag. However, its size should not deceive you. This is because it’s one of the most powerful camera accessories that has ever been invented today.

With a smart camera trigger, photo sessions for lightning photography, bullet photography, water splash, wildlife photography, time lapse, HDR, and capturing other seemingly intimidating subjects will be just a piece of cake. As a “smart” device, controlling and navigating through these settings can easily be done by either doing it on the device itself or wirelessly connecting the trigger unit to your smartphone.

2. A smart camera trigger has built-in sensors designed to ensure accuracy and timing.

Timing is everything in high-speed photography and a smart camera trigger is the only device that can offer accuracy and perfection. How? Basic camera triggers in the market may either have a Sound Sensor or a Motion Sensor (using the Laser Mode). This allows them to capture loud events or moving subjects, respectively, without worrying about missing a shot.

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However, did you know that a smart camera trigger already has these sensors and more?

a. Lightning Sensor Function

A typical smart trigger has a specialized Lightning Mode that makes use of a Light Sensor to capture even the tiniest spark of light from that millisecond event. This mode also allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to help photographers achieve their ideal results.

b. Sound Sensor Function

Other sensors available in this single trigger unit are Sound Sensor for Balloon-popping or bullet photography, and Laser Sensor, for sports, wildlife, and water-drop photography. But do you want to know the most interesting part? A smart camera trigger has a Delay Option to help you perfectly time the shot down to milliseconds level.

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c. Delay Timer Function

The sound sensor is impressive enough, but here’s a bonus: with a delay timing option and a sound sensor, your regular DSLR will be powerful enough to achieve this one intimidating type of photography: Rocket Launch Photography. Imagine capturing such a historic event and shooting every second of it?

3. A smart camera trigger can be easily connected to other accessories and devices.

Not only that you can connect the trigger to your smartphone, but a smart camera trigger is also a friendly device to external flash units. Additionally, smart triggers have slots that make it easier to connect external sensors for other photography events.

Whether wired or wirelessly, a smart camera trigger is capable of triggering your camera’s shutter from an ideal distance. A wireless connection via Bluetooth allows users to explore even challenging terrains and risky environments such as the settings when shooting lightning or wildlife photos.

4. A smart camera trigger has an exceptionally enduring battery life.

So you’re doing a Wildlife photography session in the great outdoors. Now, imagine you are in the middle of the woods, waiting for that perfect moment to capture an elusive subject. You may have the patience to wait for that ideal shot, but can your camera trigger keep up?

Let’s look at another scenario. You decided to finally venture into rocket launch photography. You were allowed to set up your camera before the launch but then some technical issues caused a few hours of delay. Are you confident that your trigger unit can make it until the actual launch without its batteries dying on you?

camera trigger for high-speed photography

These examples highlight the importance of a long and enduring battery life for high-speed photography. Luckily, a smart trigger unit is capable of lasting not just hours but days. There are other subjects and events that you can never go back to, so make sure you can rely on your trigger at all times.

5. A smart camera trigger promises relevance and longevity.

Camera triggers in the market today come in different versions and models. Some are even exclusively compatible with a few camera makes and models. Other similar devices suffer from becoming obsolete and non-usable simply because they’re old and irrelevant.

With a smart camera trigger, you won’t even have to worry about these common problems mentioned above. For one, a smart camera trigger is compatible with ALL major makes and models of digital SLR. It means that the unit will be loyal to you, and not to a particular camera company.

Additionally, a smart camera trigger has an upgradeable firmware - and the best company out their offers these upgrades for free. This ensures that your camera trigger unit will grow with you and will stay with you for years.

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6. A smart camera trigger takes full control of your camera.

The best smart camera trigger offers a full package of functions, modes, and maximum performance for high-speed photography. Perhaps the most powerful role of this camera equipment is how it can take full control of your camera – wirelessly, delivering confidently great results. Furthermore, what is also useful about this device is its ability to adjust and save your preferred settings for similar events in the future.

With all the reasons mentioned above, it’s not surprising that the best photographers in the world have invested in their first smart camera triggers. For them, trusting this small yet powerful device was one of the most crucial decisions that they have made to elevate their game in their chosen profession.

Getting started on finding the best camera trigger even for a beginner is not that difficult. In fact, you’re just a click away from transforming your photography experience into something unforgettable. Discover how MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger takes almost impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!

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