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High Speed Photography Nitty-Gritty

High-speed photography is a technique which freezes these kinds of moments so they can be reminiscence forever.
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High Speed Photography Ideas

How you can take high speed photos easily with the help of an amazing high speed photography trigger!
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Water Splash Photography with MIOPS Laser Trigger Mode

The laser mode of MIOPS Smart allows you to freeze the moment with some help from a strobe.
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How to Make Light Painting Orbs

The artistic technique of moving a light source to selectively illuminate parts of the subject or scene.
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How to Paint with Light

A creative technique that produces dramatic and memorable images.
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How to Photograph a Rocket Launch at Night

Learn how to take the out-of-this-world streaking images by capturing the rocket launch.
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How to Do Popping Balloon Photography

Find out how you can shoot a bursting balloon at the perfect moment to take some extraordinary photos.
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