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9 Tips for Choosing the Best Water Drop Photography Kit

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Water Drop Photography Kit

Water drop photography is a fun and unique way of taking your skills to the next level. While you don't need a lot of expensive gear for this type of photography, it's essential to know the basics. This includes choosing the right materials and camera equipment.

You can get started with this type of photography by focusing first on one thing: buying your water drop photography kit. Why? There are plenty of tips on how to capture stunning water drop photography images out there; however, there is a better and smarter way to master water drop photography easily.

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Whether you're still a beginner or a professional, this article will open your eyes to how getting the best water drop photography equipment can offer limitless possibilities. How?

Just follow these tips for choosing the best water drop photography kit.

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1. Choose a hassle-free water drop kit.

Water drop photography may only require a simple studio set up, but it can be challenging during your first tries. It's a photography method that takes a lot of practice and test shots. With a dedicated water drop photography kit, you don't have to depend on "beginner's luck" to take a perfect shot every time.

A water drop photography kit has everything you need for a successful water drop photo shoot. This is because it's a ready-to-use and adjustable device that does the job well without relying on complicated methods. It also saves you time because you won't have to deal with time-consuming routines on every shoot.

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2. Choose a standalone water-drop kit.

Your water drop gear should be able to function on its own, which will likely be more advanced and may take more practice to master, but it won't rely on other devices to perform well.

This means that you won’t need an additional camera or flash trigger. On its own, it’s a powerful and precise kit made especially for water drop photography. While it can be a standalone device, it should also be capable of collaborating with other camera equipment.

3. Make sure it’s smart, intuitive, and easy to use.

Choose a water drop photography kit that can easily be connected and controlled using your smartphone. A dedicated mobile application will make every step of your water drop photography a piece of cake.

Control your water drop kit remotely, adjust settings, and even set up the timing. You'll capture everything without wasting a drop or splash of water.

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4. You should be able to control it remotely.

Your water drop kit connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means two things: one, the link between these two devices is wireless; two, you can remotely control all your devices at once – 

your water drop kit, your external flash units, and even your camera can be controlled through your smartphone. All these devices will flawlessly work together to achieve one perfect result. Imagine how this control will help you get the job done, hassle-free.

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5. It should allow you to capture unique water drop images.

Precision and accuracy are two factors you should look for in a water drop photography kit. Make sure that your chosen unit has full control of every drop (timing, frequency, number of drops, etc.).

Additionally, your equipment should be able to fully control the splash and the type of water droplets that you capture. This includes the size of the water drop – letting you customize the shape of the resulting splash.

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6. It should allow you to create creative combinations.

Let your creativity do the work. As mentioned above, you'll have full control of the photoshoot because you can adjust every detail: drop sizes, timing, interval, and more. Use this freedom to create unique combinations and results.

Water is an unpredictable medium, which makes for remarkable images. A water drop photography kit will unleash your creativity because it allows you to control and create stunning combinations.

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7. You should be able to connect it to a flash unit.

As mentioned in the previous section, the best water drop photography kit can be connected to other devices. This includes your smartphone, your camera, and, most importantly, your flash unit. But why is this important?

If you're an expert in water drop photography, you'll understand that this technique is done in a dark studio. Thus, your main source of light is your flash, which you use to properly exposure the water drop. 

In fact, the light burst from your flash is more important than your shutter speed.  If your water drop kit is connected to your flash unit, imagine the precision and the possibilities of a well-timed shot?

8. Your water drop photography kit should be tripod-compatible.

You'll need stable support for your water drop photography unit. And what is more reliable than a good old tripod? The problem is, not all water drop kits can be mounted on a tripod. That is why, when choosing your water drop gear, find one with an accompanying Holder Kit.

With a Holder Kit, you can easily and conveniently mount your water drop device on a tripod. Through this, you'll have the flexibility and control of both the height and the angle of your splashes.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


9. It should be worth your money.

Even when buying a water drop photography kit, make sure that you get your money's worth. In photography, quality and performance are paramount. That is why professional photographers know very well that they should always invest in reliable camera equipment. This is true even for a water drop photography equipment.

When it comes to quality, performance, and long-term benefits, cheaper items are unreliable. So choose equipment that will deliver results reliably without fail. Buy a water drop photography kit that will help you save money in the long run. Most importantly, go for a water drop gear that will stay with you through the years.

It may sound too good to be true to find all these characteristics in one water drop photography kit, but in fact, there is one water drop unit that can deliver all these and more – check out MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit to learn more.

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MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit

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