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How to Shoot a Rocket While Taking Off with MIOPS Smart

How to Shoot a Rocket While Taking Off with MIOPS Smart

Sometimes we take a photo casually which comes out to be so beautiful that it instantly becomes viral. The same thing happened to me when I took a shot of a rocket firework when it was taking off. This picture won me some awards and become so popular. So I decided to write an article about how you take the same picture easily using the help of MIOPS Smart.

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And the best part is that you don’t need to do special preparations like other high speed photography work. No complicated setup, no flashes, no mess and it will take less than an hour. All you need is an empty bottle, a pack of rocket firework, a matchbox, a camera with a long lens, Tripod and MIOPS Smart high speed camera trigger.


Find an open place where you can set off the rockets. It’s advisable to check out your local area rules about firework and also use all safety measures before you do it.

Now find some solid surface to place the bottle. Fix your camera on a tripod and focus on the bottle manually. Make sure your frame is wide enough to have some breathing space and your camera is not very close to the rocket. We can always crop the picture but we can’t get back that goes out of the frame. Attach MIOPS Smart on your camera hot shoe and attach the cable. Voila, our setup is done, let’s talk about settings.

Camera and Trigger Settings:

We want to keep the entire picture in focus so we need narrow aperture, we also want to show trails so we need slower shutter speed and we are shooting in dark so we need high ISO. In my case aperture was f/6.3, shutter speed was 1/15 and ISO was 2000 but you can change it according to your taste. With shutter speed, you can control the length of trails so if you want shorter trails, use fast shutter speed like 1/30 or so but if you want longer trails, use slower shutter speed like 1/5. Use ISO to control the exposure.

Now come to MIOPS Smart, we are going to use its Lightning mode for this shoot. Set sensitivity to around 90 and you are good to go. Take a test shot and make adjustments for proper exposure.


camera setup


Now you need to fire up the rocket and as soon MIOPS Smart senses the light it’ll trigger the camera and click the picture. You can also set your camera to “Continuous Shooting” mode and it’ll take a serious of pictures and you can select your favorite one later on.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


Post Processing:

No special post-processing work needed for this shot. Just a little bit of cleaning, cropping, and sharpening is enough and you are ready to show your amazing creation to the world and get thousands of likes.

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 About the Author

Ramakant Sharda is an author, iOS App publisher, passionate photographer and a MIOPS Ambassador based in the beautiful “Pink City” of India, known as Jaipur. His work has been published in various magazines, newspapers, and blogs. He has published three Coffee Table Books, he writes about photography and also teaches photography in his workshops. Check out his website to see the masterpieces created by him or download his free app for iPhone and iPad “30 Days to an Ace Photographer“.

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