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How to Use a Phone as a Remote for any DSLR?

How to Use a Phone as a Remote for any DSLR?

It is hard to include yourself in photos if you are the photographer, right? Usually, you are absent in group pictures because you have to make sure the shots are great. Also, even with a timer, it is hard to capture that perfect self-portrait since you cannot see the shots.

Having a remote-controlled DSLR is a must for every professional photographer. Not only does it allow you to trigger the camera’s shutter remotely, but it gives you a variety of options of how to take your shots. With a remote, your shoots will be less prone to errors as well.

Aside from better self-portraits, remote-controlled photography is helpful if you are aiming to capture time-lapse pictures. As any photographer knows, it is hard to achieve time-lapse photography without a timer. Moreover, manually triggering the camera’s shutter may move your equipment from the planned position, thus ruining the chance of capturing the perfect shots.
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Using a Smartphone

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to remote control your DSLR is by using your smartphone. For instance, this will go easy with your Canon DSLR, which can be controlled by any kind of remote. You may also use this with a Nikon DSLR, but you have to check its compatibility first.  

If your DSLR has an infrared receiver, then there are more actions that you can do using your smartphone, compared to using an ordinary camera remote since its features are limited.

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Benefits of Using Your Phone as a Remote

Since manually touching the camera when taking shots is not always possible or practical, it is time to consider getting a remote control for your DSLR. By using a wireless remote, particularly one that is controlled by a smartphone, you can be more flexible with your shooting options. The following are the advantages if you use your phone as a camera remote:

1. You get sharper photos. Using your phone to trigger the shutter will prevent camera movements, which may cause blurry images. Moreover, this improves the focus and sharpness of your shots when you use Live View.

2. Advisable for taking long exposures. If your DSLR could only shoot up to 30 seconds or less when on Bulb mode, then you need to manually hold its shutter down—or you can use a smartphone-controlled remote. This accessory will help you manually keep the shutter open as long as possible.

3. Can be used for landscape photography. When you are capturing a landscape scenario, you would not want camera vibration to ruin your perfect shots. For this reason, using a wireless remote is ideal if you are into this kind of photography. You can add a mirror lockup to your camera’s settings for a better output.

4. Allows you to shoot from a distance. Doing a self-portrait or shooting the wildlife is made easier since a wireless remote will allow you to take a shot even from a distance. This means you can strike a pose without being awkward with your position just to catch up with the timer or guess if you are at your best angle.

Furthermore, this allows you to capture candid images of your subjects without distracting them, especially animals in their natural habitat—and safety is an add-on benefit.

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MIOPS Remote Plus Camera Trigger

How to Use Your Phone

So, how do you use your smartphone as a remote for your camera? Easy. You just follow the steps below, and soon you will be enjoying the benefits of a remote-controlled camera.

1. Make sure your DSLR supports wireless connectivity. See to it that your camera supports at least one of these features: Wifi, Bluetooth, or IR Blaster. This way, you can connect your gadget to your phone.

2. Read the user manual. Once you find out whether your camera can be connected to your smartphone or not, you need to read its user manual. This will let you know if it can connect directly to the phone, or you will need a different device in order to establish the connection between the two gadgets.



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3. Install the DSLR Remote App. Next, you need to download the MIOPS MOBILE Smartphone app on Google Play if you're using an Android Phone or on Apple App Store if you're using an iPhone. After it is installed, you need to indicate the model of your camera in the required field. This app will work best if your camera has a fixed display feature, which is helpful to support Live View on your phone.

4. Get the necessary device and accessories. To enhance the usage of your phone-controlled camera remote, it is best if you check out MIOPS for devices and accessories that can improve its performance.

  • RemotePlus Trigger. This remote, which is controlled by the app, allows your camera to capture images that are triggered by light, sound, or anything that breaks its laser beam. This is for you if you are into lightning photography, HDR photography, time-lapse photography, or remote shooting.
  • Smart Trigger. This camera trigger is a versatile capture device in a single unit. Aside from its high speed, it features high-tech trigger modes, such as Time-lapse, Sound, Lightning, HDR, and Laser.
  • Mobile Dongle. To get the most from your mobile app, connect the DSLR directly to your phone with this accessory. This transfers your smartphone’s power to the cam, which is helpful in getting the perfect shot.
  • Camera Cable. If you prefer non-wireless connection, then you can use a camera cable to connect your remote or camera trigger to your DSLR. These cables are available in ten kinds and can support different camera models.

There are other camera products and accessories that MIOPS offers. These devices are of high quality, yet they come at affordable prices. 

You can find more amazing camera accessories in our collections. If you are a little bit confused about what device and accessories to use, you can read our product comparison page to know their unique features and capabilities.

So what are you waiting for? Let go of the old-fashioned way of shooting. It is time to take advantage of the evolving technology to upgrade your photography career or passion.

Select and shop for your MIOPS products now to make magic happen!

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